All The Tools You Need To Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals without the Overwhelm

No matter what stage of motherhood you are at. I have the perfect program for you.

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The Fit Mama 6 Week Zip Up Your Jeans Challenge

The Fit Mama 6 Week Challenge is results-driven challenge designed to help you to kickstart your health and fitness journey. It is best suited to mums who are struggling to find the time to exercise and to make it a priority in their lives. This challenge offers workouts, a comprehensive meal plan (with recipes and shopping lists), all delivered in our custom app so it's super user friendly. All you need to do it check on the app what needs to be done each day and press play to follow your workouts. Click learn more to see some amazing results of other mamas!

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Fit Mama Restore

The Fit Mama Restore Program is a 12 week training program designed specifically to restore and rebuilding your strength after having a baby. Get ready to get your confidence, energy and strength back using proven and safe workout techniques specific to this period of your life. In the postpartum period, we can often be so focused on the baby that mum's needs get forgotten. You can do these workouts from home and fit them into your new normal and make sure that you recover the right way!  Click learn more to check out my Postpartum specific program designed to help you recover, repair your core and pelvic floor and ease your way back into exercise safely.

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The Practical Fit Mama Project

Need a little kickstart? Join the Practical Fit Mama Project and it will be the last time you will have to 'start again'. So many programs promise to deliver amazing results but miss out on teaching you the habits you need to actually complete a program and build the habits for life. The Practical Fit Mama Project was made for YOU. This 12 week program will take you through all the steps to help you reach your goals and finally stick to a program!

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Who Am I?

My name is Laura, I’m a women’s fitness coach and a pre & post natal specialist.

I teach mums to be fit and healthy in a way that’s actually achievable.

I coach mums to help them build their confidence and learn to exercise safely from home, in their own time, with little ones – so they too can get back to loving themselves and their bodies.