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My Top 5 Meal Prep Tips For Busy Mums

meal prepping Dec 14, 2020


  1. Look at what you’ve got in your fridge before you do anything!


I know we’re all in the rush and it can be super easy to just go to the supermarket and start buying and all those ‘sale’ stickers get you! Not only can this be wasteful, it can really add up at the checkout. I tend to keep a running list during the week so as I finish something, it goes on the list so that I don’t have such a big job on shopping day. When I am doing my meal planning for the week I always start with what I have – I see what’s in the freezer, what cans I have and what veggies I already have. I even like to cook up what I have before I even go to the shops to see how far it will go!


PS – I know life happens so if all else fails and you’ve gone to the shops with no list -  go for a couple of different proteins and a mix of veggies!


  1. Use your meat economically


Try to fill up your meals with veggies or other...

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