3 Moves To Rebuild Your Core Post Baby

postpartum Mar 25, 2021

So you’ve had your beautiful bundle of joy… the sleep deprivation has really started to settle in but you think you might be ready to start exercising again.


The question is…. Where do I start?


Now, I hate to say it to you, you may have thought pregnancy and birth recovery was hard but let me tell you, this is where the hard work really begins!


I don’t recommend just jumping into normal exercise… even if you were pretty fit before you gave birth, you still need to do some work to rebuild your core and get your muscles working properly again.


These are 3 exercises you can do as soon as you feel up to it:


Move 1 - Belly Breathing


Move 2 - Pelvic Tilts


Move 3 - Core bracing


Watch this video with sound on to hear my coaching cues as well as how to perform the move correctly.


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