10 Ways for Busy Mums to Make Time For Exercise

Uncategorized Nov 30, 2020

Are you a super busy mum and just don’t have time to exercise? It’s probably the most common reason I hear that mums don’t exercise.


Here are 10 ways to make time to exercise.


Do it first thing in the morning


If this means you have to get up half an hour earlier then do it! Studies show that getting exercise done early in the morning gives you a higher rate of times exercised per week. As mums it can be a little more tricky with early mornings and late nights but try your best to get up and get it done early before the day gets away from you!


As soon as partner gets home / once kids are in bed


If you haven’t been able to do it in the morning, pre-warn your partner that as soon as they get home you need half an hour to exercise. By telling them this is also gives you some extra adherence because you have already said it to them as well!


If this isn’t an option, plan to do it as soon as babies/kids are in bed.


Limit social media


How many times have you got lost down the rabbit hole of scrolling? I certainly have! Try to limit the time you spend on social media and see how much spare time you have!


Exercise as you watch TV


I know we can all be a sucker for all the great reality TV shows that are going on! But try to use this time wisely by doing some living room workouts as you watch! You can make games like do 10 squats anytime anyone on the Bachelor says “connection”! Haha.


Make social occasions active occasions


Meeting a friend for coffee? Why not got for a walk instead. Meeting for a play date go out and run around with the kids instead of sitting on the couch.


Work it into your day


We all have the endless list of chores and housework to do and this can sometimes limit our time for doing a full workout. Instead try working exercise into your day, for example:

10 squats as you pick up toys

do calf raises as you cook dinner

run up and down the driveway as you bring in the bins

climb the play equipment with your kids

do 10 mountain climbers after a feed


The possibilities are endless!


Use a pedometer/exercise tracker


The psychological benefit of reaching your step goals helps to get your move. A lot of the newer ones also remind you to move if you haven’t moved in the previous hour which is a great reminder if you haven’t moved in a while. My exercise tracker sends me push notifications on my phone in the afternoon to tell me what I’m up to so if I haven’t got out that much on a certain day this usually helps to get me out the door for a walk!


Find your why


Often when we say ‘we don’t have time’, it actually means that we haven’t prioritised it. Those items on our list that we prioritise always get done. To help to move exercise up the priorities list, find our your ‘why’ – your reasons for wanting to do the exercise. There are heaps of different reasons e.g. to drop a dress size, to fit into pre-pregnancy clothes, to have more energy, because we have to be a bridesmaid in 3 months etc.


If you figure out your ‘why’ then on those days when you really don’t feel like it, this reason will pull through your motivation!



Make a plan


Things that get scheduled, get done. Think about when you book a doctor’s appointment, it gets scheduled in your diary and you do it!


If you take this same approach to exercise it will also get done. Map out time in your schedule for all your commitments, including exercise and stick to this schedule!


Make it easy & get help


Sometimes the thought of thinking about it what you need to do to exercise and when to do it can be enough to make you want to bury your head in the sand. So make it easy for yourself by having a program to follow.


Check out my free Fit Mama Kickstart Program here!


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