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Do you spend hours scrolling through Social Media look at the other mamas who seem to have endless time, motivation and energy to workout?

Do you sometimes think everyone must be judging you for not ‘bouncing back quicker’?

Do you miss out on doing fun things with your family because you are self-conscious about your body?

You’ve downloaded every ‘free workout plan’ and ’28 day transformation’ on the internet, joined the gym and bought all the fitness books… and you get super excited that you are going to be a fit mama!

But soon you realised that you lack the motivation to stick to a program… and that family life gets in the way of getting to the gym… and that its near impossible to read a book (what was I thinking?!)

So you start to feel guilty for wasting money on something solely for you, that you don’t even use!

But you’re sick of feeling tired and moody ALL THE TIME.

…you realise you really need some help if you are going to stick to a program and get results…

… you need something simple to follow, that actually works…

… and someone to keep you accountable…

Feel like I’m inside your head?

I get it… because I was there too… being a mum is a tough gig… I remember I had a really hard time getting back to the gym to exercise, get into a routine and to eat well (and I’m a fitness professional, this should have been easy for me!!!)

I remember everything TRIGGERED me – even my husband simply asking ‘what did you get up to today?’ sent me into defensive mode.

Anyone that said another mother ‘looks amazing’ made me feel so awful about myself.

Any event I had to go to sent me into a spiral trying to find something to wear and I even put off putting my son into swimming lessons because I was too embarrassed to get in the water…

I managed to get myself back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, as well as get back my motivation, confidence and routine.

I have learned that it’s not about being a member of gym or scrolling through the internet trying to remember everything little fitness and weight loss tip but more about finding YOUR motivation, following a proven plan and having someone to encourage you and keep you accountable along the way (especially someone who has been in your exact shoes)…

So I took all my fitness knowledge plus what I’ve learned first hand from being a mum and packaged it into one simple and effective fitness program. A program that takes you through each stage in a manageable way that won’t overwhelm you and will help you to reach your goals – from home, without having to get a baby sitter…


Introducing the Practical Fit Mama Project…


My signature 12 week online fitness coaching program that’s helping mamas just like you to feel fit, confident and strong!

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Testimonial - Lisa

After just 6 weeks people have started to see my physical changes & ask how I have done it. It was the perfect boost and motivator I needed to get back into exercise and healthy eating!

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Testimonial - Gabby

So I just did my progress photos, and body stats. Since I started. 48.5 cm down. 4.1kg gone. And two very different looking lots of photos! I could cry happy tears! 

Only $99 for the entire 12 week program!

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Here’s what’s inside:


Each day you my app will guide you EXACTLY what to focus on each day. I know you don’t need another thing on your list so I’ve done all the thinking for you!

Workout plans

Quick and effective daily workouts to get you moving and get on with your day (no workout is longer than 20 minutes we start at 5 minute workouts and build). 


Simple nutrition trainings to help you learn to eat better. As well as sample eating plans and recipes that are healthy and work for the whole family! I will teach you how to plan your meals, fit in your meal prepping so that you are only cooking 2 days a week!

Healthy Habit Challenges

Our habits are what creates change in our health, each week we focus on changing one of our habits for the better! 

Weekly check ins

Accountability and support are both imperative to help you reach your fitness goals so a weekly check in will keep your on track!

Goal setting

‘Core reason’ training to help you to find your personal internal motivation and keep you motivated on those harder days and kick your goals PLUS as a bonus you will receive a bonus 1-1 welcome coaching session with me to help you to set this properly and get you on track to reaching your goals.

Personal Support

Access to me to support you through your journey! Within my app you can direct message me at anytime!

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In no time at all you will be seeing results, feeling less overwhelmed and much more confident!

Imagine being able to open up your wardrobe and wear ANYTHING in it without hesitation!

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Who am I?

My name is Laura, I’m a women’s fitness coach and a pre & post natal specialist.

I teach mums to be fit and healthy in a way that’s actually achievable.

I coach mums to help them build their confidence and learn to exercise safely from home, in their own time, with little ones – so they too can get back to loving themselves and their bodies.

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